Je suis vraiment mieux que vous. No contender, none in my league.
Sex and white lies
Agree completely
- Anonymous

i shouldn’t really say i hate her cause i don’t hate anyone. hates a strong world. i do however extremely dislike her. her and her values.


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w-a-v-e said: You’re just jealous lol

excuse you, what would I be jealous of? i have my dream job and I’m travelling the world for free. 

'You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want.'
S.E. Hinton, The Outsiders (via jones-swan)

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Why do u hate Kim Kardashian??
- Anonymous

Because she has no talent yet she’s famous. She only got famous because of her dad, who was a lawyer to OJ Simpson and her horrible stylist career with Paris Hilton. Their whole family feeds off other people to get famous. There are so many other people out there that have natural talent like acting, singing or drawing/painting or composing music that are busting their arses trying to make a living out of it, yet y’all are more interested in  Kim and her 3 second marriages and her ridiculous baby naming (which North West sounds like a bloody low-cost airline). She’s fake and only cares about her fame. 

The only two people that i have respect for in that family is Kendal and Kris.

I have respect for Kris’ past career as I’m also a flight attendant, and as you would know, we put our lives at risk for our passengers. Its hard and takes a strong minded person to put them selves in that position e.g #MH17 #MH370

Kendal is the only natural beauty in that family.